Turn Your Abandoned Website Visitors Into Loyal Subscribers And Paying Customers

98% of your website visitors do not opt in. But Lead Detector will recover some of those visitors and opt them in for you!


Welcome To The Next Generation of Online Marketing

Lead Detector Turns Your Otherwise Abandoned Website Visitors Into An Active Source Of In-bound Leads!
Built In Tracking

Simple Installation

Integrates with your current website and takes only a few minutes to setup! Do it yourself, or have us do it for you!

Detect & Identify

Detect & Identify

Once we’ve detected active website visitors, we wait to see if they opt in.  Then as soon as they leave your website, our system will identify the lead.

Instant Lead Notification

Instant Lead Notification

Leads get delivered directly to your dashboard where you can easily integrate the data to your favorite CRM, Spreadsheet, etc.

Instantly Lower Your Cost Per Lead And Increase Your ROI!

As soon as Lead Detector is activated, we’ll start monitoring your website and detecting active leads…

Haff Circal
Increase Profit Rise

Increase Your Amount Of In-Bound Leads

Cost Per Lead For Your Business

Decrease Your Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Marketing Campaigns

Increase The ROI Of Your Marketing Campaigns

Analysis Finance Economic

Decrease The Cost Per Sale For Any Business

Lead Detector Is Perfect For

Real Estate

Real Estate Investors, Agents, and Mortgage Brokers Love us because we can provide a complete profile for their website visitors to help them capture and close more deals!





We help marketers generate more leads for themselves and their clients by identifying missed opportunities and opting abandoned visitors into your sales funnel. 





We help ecommerce brands grow their revenue by increasing opt-ins, recovering otherwise anonymous abandoned carts, and boosting customer retention. 




Success Spotlight:

The Science of Flipping

The Science of Flipping Captured $71,400 worth of sales using Lead Detector!

Justin Colby

Justin Colby

Founder, The Science of Flipping

Increase Profit Rise


Increased Opt-In Rates

Analysis Finance Economic


Recovered Abandoned Carts



Initial Email Open Rate


Retained 67% Active Email Openers after 12mos


Over $71k Profit from Lead Detector with over 900% ROI

Integrates With Your Existing Website And Tools You Already Use

Minute Pages
Click Funnels
Active Campaign
Constant Contact

Plus 1000’s of other integrations to ensure your leads go exactly where you want them to!

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