Is this can-SPAM compliant?
YES! Lead Detector Maintains Strict Compliance With CCPA and CAN-SPAM and all email addresses are 100% opt-in compliant with all applicable laws and regulations in the USA. If your plan includes a phone number, it is up to the user to determine whether or not the individual is on the do not call (DNC) registry prior to contacting via phone.
Will this work on any website?
YES! Lead Detector will work on any website! All you have to do is put a unique code on your website and let us do the rest!
What information is provided?
All plans include name and email address. However, depending on which plan you select, you can get a full contact profile with multiple points of contact including social media, as well as property details, and financial information. To view our plans click here.
Does Lead Detector capture all my visitors?
NO! Lead Detector will not capture ALL website visitors. Our service can Identify an average of up to 30% of website visitors. This can slightly vary day by day, and is due to many factors including source of traffic, website browser, length of cookies, etc…
Why do other services claim to capture 60%(or more) visitors.
If other services tell you that they can capture 50-60% (or more) website visitors, they are outright lying. They may return a quantity that is equal to 50-60% (or more) of your website visitors, unfortunately they are not your actual website visitors. This is due to the fact they rely solely, or primarily, on the user IP address. Unfortunately this will pick up whoever is (or has) used that IP address, which results in highly inaccurate contact information, and ultimately causes more problems than it solves! Lead Detector can identify visitors at a device level, and runs a waterfall of events to verify the visitor. This results in up to 30% matchrate and will deliver highly accurate website visitor contact information you can actually use to grow your business!
How can this help me generate up to 10X more leads?
The average opt-in rate for organic website traffic is about 2%. Which means for every 100 visitors, you may get 2% who submit at least their email address to you. Since Lead Detector will capture up to 30 of those 100 visitors, and 30 is more than 10X the amount of 2 (organic opt ins), Lead Detector can help you generate up to 10X (or more) leads!
What happens if I exceed the amount of leads in my plan?
If you exceed the amount of leads in your plan, you will automatically be charged at the overage rate, which is unique to each plan. To upgrade your plan, you can do so from your dashboard.
Is there an Agency Plan that allows me to add client sites?
YES! There is an agency plan that allows you to add your client sites and essentially “re-sell” our service as your own, but at a discounted rate, however there is a minimum website traffic (cumulative) requirement for our Agency Plans. To view our plans click here.

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